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Otzma Modiin - Basketball Club & Chugim

Chaim Barlev 34, Modiin
Last Updated: 11 days ago

Corona 11/11 update: it is recommended to call and find out about returning to activity in light of the new regulations that allow sports training.

The leading and most professional basketball club in town, representing Modiin since 1997.

The club has 24 league teams, playing in the Basketball Association's league.

In the youth department - from mini basketball (kita heh) to youth (yud bet) for boy and girls, with representation in the top leagues for every age group.

In the adult department - men's and women's teams.

The club is characterized by a team of certified basketball coaches, professional training, physical activity and social activities.

Otzma Modiin - growing great players who are first and foremost better people.

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Office Hours: Sun-Thu 09:00-16:00.



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