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Tuvia El'or Modiin - Boilers & Electrical Work

Chativat Golani 20, Modiin
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

20 year reputation in the city. Committed to the lowest price!

Repair and installation service for all types of solar, electrical boilers (dudim) and electrical work.

  • Authorized installer for the leading brands of solar and electrical boilers
  • Washing and cleaning of panels
  • Certified electrician
  • Plumbing work
  • Fast, reliable service

Owned by Tuvia, Modiin resident - working in the city for 20 years.

Specific expertise in the field. No bringing in of external workers - all work is carried out independently.

Call now for a free consultation!


24/7 - not including Shabbat and Chagim.


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David Gerecht
Punctual. Friendly. Professional. Tuvia came to our rescue when our Dud Shemesh didn't work. He came within hours of my phonecall, on time (!) and got to work straight away.
משה דואני
ביצעו עבודה מקצועית ונקייה. שירות מסור. כיף לעבוד איתם. המלצתי לחבריי ולמכריי לעבוד איתם והם הודו לי על כך.בעלי מקצוע נדירים
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