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Heichal HaTarbut Modiin - February 2020 Events

Emek Dotan 49, Modiin
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Guide to all the highlights of the next few weeks, including future events that require early booking.

All the events that are marked with * include extended information at the bottom of the screen.

Upcoming Events

  • Art & Fun* - Creative party for adults. Thu 13/2, 20:00 at the Gallery of Heichal HaTarbut.
  • HaShiva* - The Cameri Theater. 13-15/2.
  • Eyal Kitzis - Stand-up show. Fri 14/2, 22:00 at Einan Hall.
  • HaLev* - Show for children. Sun 16/2, 17:30.
  • Underdos: Gvarim SheHashtika Yafa LaHem* - Stand-up show. Tue 18/2, 21:00.
  • Toc Toc* - Theater comedy. Wed 19/2, 21:00.
  • Yuval HaMevulbal: Ma'ase BaChamisha Balonim* - Show for children. Thu 20/2, 17:30.
  • HaHerzlim* - Musical show. Fri 21/2, 21:30.
  • When Pop & Classical Music Meet: Gil Shohat ft. Ron Buchnik - Concert. Sat 22/2, 21:00.
  • Ha'Ir HaZot (This City)* - Hip-Hop musical. Thu 27/2, 21:00 at Einan Hall.
  • Shiva - Beit Lessin Theater. 3-4/3.
  • Revital Vitelson Jacobs* - Stand-up for tired parents. Thu 5/3, 21:00.
  • Lior Schleien: I Believe* - Stand-up show. Fri 6/3, 22:00.
  • Shlomi Shabbat* - Live music. Sat 7/3, 20:45.

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  • Idan Amedi* - Live music. Wed 11/3, 21:00.
  • David D'Or - Live music. Thu 19/3, 21:00.
  • Yuval Dayan* - Live music. Thu 2/4, 20:45.
  • Ehud Banai* - Live music. Thu 14/5, 21:00.
  • Queen & ABBA Tribute - Live music. Wed 27/5, 20:30.

Click here for the full list of events on the Cultural Center website!


Box office hours

Sun-Thu: 09:30-20:00, Fri: 09:00-13:00.


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