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Bikeguide - Chugim, Training & Cycling Groups

Last Updated: 10 days ago

Corona 11/11 update: it is recommended to call and find out about returning to activity in light of the new regulations that allow sports training.

The oldest and best-known biking club in Modiin, operating in the city for over a decade.

NEW! Duathlon group for running and cycling.


  • Chugim for children - beginners and advanced, until competitive level
  • Cycling groups all over Modiin: Buchman, Keizer, Nechalim, Shimshoni and Kramim
  • 'Parent and child' chugim - 2 groups: advanced and beginners
  • Womens groups - beginners and advanced riders
  • Mountain biking instruction
  • Road biking instruction
  • Events with biking, running, sports and navigation
  • Removal of training wheels and cycling lessons
  • Private classes for adults and children
  • Technique classes for both on and off road biking
  • Biking training camps for groups
  • Orienteering, off road and sports training
  • Nutrition, sports and fitness lectures
  • Fun days and training for groups and companies
  • Organisation of sports days for groups and schools
  • Preparation of personal training programs

All the teachers are experienced and certified by the Israeli Sports Authority.

Call for more details!


Sun-Thu: 08:00-20:00.



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